There is always a hand of 7 orogranata overtaking made by the Venetians after the long break, 49-50 with crushed Watt. It also raises the level of intensity of the challenge, chasing its Reyer in defense which is enhanced with Daye in attack, 51-57. They lose a little ‘offensive certainties champions Italy, will not run away, however Venice wasting a couple of good opportunities, Micov punishes with less than 2, 61-63.

Puts Milan arrow in the fourth period opened with the Cinciarini captain bomb, Watt impacts at an altitude of 66. Battle true between the two great protagonists of the regular season, partial Milan rabid led by Tarczewski, 74-70. The flopping booed De Nicolao still inflames more game, Nedovic detonates Forum with the triple plus 8, 78-70.

On the verge of collapse, and with 5 fouls De Nicolao and Watt, Reyer shows instead of having a thousand lives again, and Tonut Bramos for less than 3, 86-83. It paralyzes the nel’ultimo km AX sees the nightmare materialized comeback with the basket of Daye, the breakthrough of Micov gives possession that it may be left to the guests.

Former Pesaro splint possible but Milan overtaking throws the throw, yet Daye missed the layup but Bramos corrects for the incredible overtaking, 86-87. (Mark Taminelli) Milan: Tarczewski 15, Nedovic 14, Nunnally 9 Venice: 22 Watt, Tonut 20, Bramos 12-varese cremona 83-64 – Varese, driven by Avramovic but also from Archie and with good evidence of Scrubb and Salumu, forget the defeat of Avellino, where he had squandered 24-point lead, beating Cremona, ever forward, and so revenge of the defeat in the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup just by the team of Romeo Sacchetti. Men Attilio Caja start of momentum and, in two and a half minutes, with Scrubb (now at 5 points), Archie and Avramovic, trimmed the 10-2 forcing bags to ask for time out.

After the break, Cremona gets push from Diener and Crawford to reach -2 (12-10) but then a tight defense and precision shooting (7/8 by two to 10 ‘) allow to place the Varese 11 -2 that is the maximum benefit (+11: 23-12) and +10 at the expiry of the fourth (23-13). In the second half the guests trying to straighten the aims arc, with Ricci and Saunders to -3 (27-24) but Varese despite cease to score three (0/7 in the second quarter), located in Archie such presence and substance, while defense and counterattack apply a new +11 (36-26).

The margin remains even after the interval and is maintained thanks to the inspired Avramovic, even if the 50-39 is Moore and follows the technical booed Mathiang (at 23’27 “, on 49-39). A little later, however, at 53-43, are Archie and Caja to receive, at the same time (26’13 “), the technical and the wing is forced out for having committed his fifth foul.

Cremona took the opportunity to approach Varese but not flustered, as had happened in the away match in Avellino, where he had squandered twenty-four-point lead, and shares of momentum, finding the maximum advantage (+14) at the beginning of the last quarter with Avramovic (65 -51 and 68-54) and Salumu (70-56). The bags team seems not to want to give up but a few players accuses steps to empty, as Stojanovic, which in 33’51 “(73-62) gets a evitabilissimo technician.

He used this opportunity as well Varese, poised to reach +15 with domineering dunk Salumu (77-62), even spectacular in stopping opponents, and able to fly to +17 with Tambone (79-62). The unsportsmanlike Moore does not tarnish the day of Varese, which ended with the +19 from the line of Cain. Varese: Avramovic 19, Archie 17, Scrubb 16, 10.

Salumu Cremona: 18 Crawford, Aldridge11, Saunders 9. PESARO-Cantu 72-80 – In front of Charlie Recalcati, in parterre to Vitrifrigo Arena, Cantu captures the seventh consecutive win and remains undefeated in the second round. After retiring in deep sea, Pesaro shows grit and determination but it goes in fits and last minute you naively put a 8-0 break. Not just a Mockevicius (double from 21 plus 19) space, Lyons does not give that something extra.

A Cantu just the minimum effort to adjust the shot along the way. And ‘9-5 to the 3’ but 17-20 8 ‘. You run, the balance is total and rollovers of continuous front. At 10 ‘Mockevicius scored 10 of 22 points for his team. Blackmon located three consecutive baskets for the 28-21 of 12 ‘, the square Vuelle is reactive and a partial 11-1 straddling the first and second period.

At 15 ‘it is 32-25 with a good McCree, but Cantu controsorpassa with a 13-2 that launches 34-38 to 19’. The Brianza are a valuable long interval 13-2 to 36-40. Guests lose 10 balls to 20 ‘, but lead in rebounding (21-15).

Mockevicius resumes high decibel, the Vuelle pushes and goes on 50-44 at 25 ‘. Pesaro has will to win and determination, defenses grow, the hosts held the muzzle forward: 59-55 at 30 ‘. The Water St. Bernard shifting gears and gets back on track (61-64 to 35 ‘). Mockevicius is dominant, Blakes essential. Gaines goes the distance (9 points in the last quarter), La Torre remains in the field because it defends strong.

And ’68-72 at 38′, McCree impacts at an altitude of 72-39 ‘. Gaines made two free, Mockevicius missed from under a key basket and Carr puts the average: 72-76 21 “from the end. Blackmon fails by 6.75, Stone (13 rebounds) goes 2/2 from the line (72-78), Jefferson half (72-80). And ‘the sixth consecutive defeat for Pesaro. Pesaro: Mockevicius 21, Blackmon 18, 17. McCree Cantu: Blakes 18, 16 Gaines, Jefferson and 13.

Carr-TRENTO TRIESTE 82-75 – Trento Trieste and exceeds sticks his fifth consecutive victory. A match played point to point, where decisive was the shot of the hosts in the last quarter. Start of the sprint Dolomiti Energia wants to immediately take hold of the reins of the match (12-6), but Trieste is not surprising and driven by a super Knox (11 points in the first quarter) retrieves going ahead on +3 (20- 23).

At the end of the first period the Eagle is ahead by one (26-25). The game is balanced and fought, and even in the second quarter the result remains in the balance. Hogue you bang under the basket, Trieste runs the ball well among his players, but the precision of the players in the field but falls. At triple Beto Gomes responds in action following the former Sanders, so long interval Trento is still ahead by one (40-39).

After returning from the locker room Beto Gomes slipped seven points early in giving the maximum benefit to Juventus (49-41). Trieste fatigue in the first minutes of the third quarter, but then shoves a 8-0 (Dragic of triple and Sanders) that allows him to overturn the result (57-60).

The first points of the game Mian coincide with the triple that brings forward the Eagle 61-60, an advantage that lasts but a few seconds because Peric and Sanders respond in kind, putting his shots from the arc that conclude the third quarter with l’Alma on +5 (61-66). Trento mends soon tearing at the beginning of the last period thanks to a 9-0 (70-66). Decisive for the extension of the Dolomiti Energia is a Flaccadori reborn after a first part of the match in the shade.

His triple gave the Bianconeri to +7 (75-68), forcing Dalmasson to recall the order of Trieste. Sanders responds present and immediately shoves the triple nth of his game (6/10 at the end of the match). Peric sixty seconds left has the opportunity to bring Trieste to one possession away but fails on the distance, on counterattacks instead Hogue made no mistake from the arc (not his specialty, the shooting of three …) . Trento ahead by 9 (80-71) and the match can scroll the credits.

Trento: 17 Hogue 17, Gomes and Craft 12. Trieste: Sanders 22, 15 Knox, Dragic, Peric and Wright 7 PISTOIA-SASSARI 82-90 dts – First seal in the league Pozzecco management, Sassari so interrupts the strip 5 defeat but it really risked under for much of the match. Pierre Thomas and in the end give it that extra edge. To great regret Pistoia, it remains on the bottom of the league and Sunday comes from Reggio in a race playoff flavor.

The ball remains in the hands of a certain Pistoia, you pass the ball well and find easy baskets inside the colored area. The first extension at the 5 ‘with a triple from Mesicek and free of Mitchell for 15-10. The Tour, thanks to Cooley and Pierre, puts forward to the nose 15 ‘on 29-31 but the reaction is Oriora targata Krubally, often employed by 4, which centers a heavy shot and a dunk for the 42-35 of 18’. Massimo Tuscan advantage soon after, again with the American long on +9 (46-37).

The third quarter opened with McGee triple and Odum (first basket mesh biancorossa) then it goes on for free and at the end of the Sardinian throws refer below until the triple Polonara 31 ‘which remits the match in total balance, at an altitude of 59.